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Pedro B. Ostrosky

“Strength is not determined by one's ability to resist change or by one's level of physical or emotional toughness. Rather, it is measured by the courage to embrace, tolerate, and acknowledge our own vulnerability".

-Pedro B. Ostrosky


Life can be difficult sometimes, especially when we experience anxiety, stress, sadness, continuous disappointment, or failure. At times, we find ways to overcome these challenges, yet in other instances, we get used to the way things are, living with those difficult emotions and negative thoughts, which can deeply affect our self-perception and worldview... but it doesn't have to be like this! While suffering is a part of life, it should not overshadow our potential for growth, joy, and fulfillment.

I am here to support you in understanding those difficult emotions, exploring their triggers, identifying patterns of self-sabotage, and collaboratively developing strategies to enhance your life.

Going to therapy can be threatening, one can feel vulnerable or even defeated, which is why there is occasionally resistance to starting a therapeutic process. The important thing is that today, you are already taking action and that, is taking care of yourself. You have already taken a courageous step towards change. 

In this space, you will find a safe and welcoming place. It doesn't matter if you are in a crisis or if you feel stuck and need help, if you're looking to further grow as a person, or if you want to have a greater understanding of yourself. Here you will find a space to think, understand, and begin to transform in a different way.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to the possibility of accompanying you on your journey towards personal growth and well-being.

Contact and Fees
Fee for services

- Individual sessions
60 minute intake evaluation session: $250
45 minute therapy session: $20

- Couples and Family sessions
60 minute intake evaluation session: $250
75 minute therapy session: $280


Payment is expected at the time of service. 
I accept cash, checks, or credit cards.  

Cancellation Policy: 
Your time is reserved especially for you. I require notifications for canceled sessions 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, so please let me know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule to avoid a cancellation fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged the full cost of the session. Please note that insurance generally does not pay for canceled sessions. 

Insurance: I do not accept insurance directly and I am considered "out-of-network" by insurance carriers. If you would like to use your insurance, please call your insurance carrier directly and ask for your out-of-network, behavioral health benefits (including deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, and what insurance will cover once your deductible has been met).  Each month I will give you a superbill for you to submit to your insurance carrier if you would like to get reimbursed. 




(619) 800 8896


San Diego


12625 High Bluff Dr # 201

San Diego, CA 92130


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