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Therapy for children

We understand that therapy with children presents unique challenges. However, it is important to recognize that children possess an incredible ability to listen, learn, and understand far more than we may imagine. Many mental health issues, behavioral problems, and unhealthy habits can emerge during childhood. By addressing these issues early on, we can greatly improve the prognosis for your child's well-being.

I work with children aged 5 and above, utilizing a therapy modality primarily centered around play. Just as speech is a crucial form of communication for adults, play serves as the language through which children express themselves and make sense of their world. I aim to create a safe, enjoyable, and recreational space where your child can thrive.

Therapy plays a crucial role in helping children recognize and understand their emotions, equipping them with the skills necessary to manage these emotions in more appropriate ways. 

Our therapeutic process typically begins with a series of initial sessions with you, the parents/caregivers, where we discuss your child's specific concerns, explore the family history and gain valuable context. Following this, I will meet with your child and engage in therapy sessions tailored to their unique needs. To ensure a collaborative approach, we will schedule regular follow-up meetings with you to discuss our progress, explore how I can best support your child, and implement strategies that can be reinforced at home.

I firmly believe in the importance of involving parents in the therapy journey. As such, we will schedule periodic sessions every 1 to 2 months to review the progress made and discuss any necessary modifications that can be implemented both during therapy sessions and in the home environment.

Together, we can create a transformative therapeutic experience for your child, fostering growth, resilience, and emotional well-being. Please reach out to learn more about how therapy services can support your child's development and overall happiness.

Each individual therapy session lasts 45 minutes, allowing for focused and effective treatment. Initially, we schedule weekly sessions to establish a strong therapeutic foundation. As your child progresses in treatment, we may gradually reduce the frequency of our meetings over time, adapting to their needs and progress.


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